"The best way to prevent chargebacks is to build a relationship with your clients.

The easiest way to do that is to automate the touchpoints so you can foster and grow that relationship without sacrificing your time following up."

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.” - James Clear

One platform.. Built by agents, for agents.

"If you buy your leads... You should have control of them.. If you don't, you have a problem"

We expect to log in and be able to work daily, you should too.

Does the below sound familiar???

No constant changes, no crazy updates. We keep it simple, stupidly simple.


Automate The Touchpoints, Not The Relationship

Make sure that you stay connected with your clients after the sale.

#1 reason your business will be replaced is because your client doesn't stay in contact with you.

Focus on the most important things you have going on now, rather than trying to remember who you've talked to recently.

Replace multiple subscriptions for one that does it all

How much are you paying every month in subscriptions to contact your leads and clients?

  • TCPA/A2P compliant with "Done For You" set up.

  • Import any lead via .csv document

  • Calendars and appointment reminders.

  • Upload and save policy & documents to each client.

  • One space for all of your client's information.

  • Click to call dialer, no more using your cell phone.

  • "No show" and "No Contact" campaigns.

  • Texting templates to make communication easy

  • Gain referrals and recruits automatically.

Stay on the forefront of your clients mind

Without begging them for referrals or trying to constantly sell them things you build a relationship of value and trust.

When someone asks them about insurance they say YOUR name!

Policy Reviews Automatically Scheduled

6 month reviews, annual reviews, ability to add a manual task to follow up after the sale

"My clients just reach out to me now, and I've scheduled 4 policy reviews just from the initial follow up messages!"

See What People Are Saying!

Recruiting Solutions

Calendar links, Video Funnels, and No Show campaigns to keep recruits in front of you while you focus on making money now that come standard.

Upgraded, automated recruiting campaigns available that keeps you from ever having to dial a recruiting lead!

Promoted LinkedIn Job Postings funneled directly to your Attain CRM and interviews set via Ai!

Say goodbye to the things you're settling for now:

  • Losing Leads After Weeks

  • Sharing Leads with Agents

  • Printing Leads

  • Using Your Cell Phone

  • Tedious Workflows

  • 5,000 Steps For 1 Simple Task

  • Constant Updates

  • Losing Sold Prospects

  • Having No Control

  • Horrible Support